Monday, July 30, 2012

DJ BEERT & Flammable 「Ashes To Ashes」ジャケット&トラックリスト公開


 1. Intro 
 2. スライム feat. 5lack
 3. 3.11 New Day feat. ISH-ONE
 4. Flame Test feat. MONJU
 5. Get It feat. EGO 
 6. Crossroad24/7 feat. SNIPE(ESSENCIAL) 
 7. ARSONISTS -Savanna Version- feat. HOOLIGANZ 
 8. Rap Maschine feat. KGE THE SHADOWMEN 
 9. Midnight Madness feat. T2K a.k.a. Mr. Tee & ZEUS(from Yellow Diamond Crew)
10. Untitled feat. 祀SP & RHYME BOYA(DINARY DELTA FORCE) 
11. F*ck Rap Game feat. T.O.P.(THUGMINATI) 
12. Freestyle feat. 道(TAO) 
13. Crafty City feat. DUST a.k.a. @PUN48 
14. Flammable feat. L.E.P. BOGUS BOYS 
15. F*ck U feat. KOJOE 
16. One Love -Blue Magic Version- feat. B.I.G. JOE  
17. 黄色い予言 feat. NIPPS & BD 
18. Mysterious feat. 田我流 
19. Ashes to Ashes feat. SQUASH SQUAD, JAY ALL DAY & OKASIAN